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We believe that the Bible is the inerrant, infallible and inspired Word of God and it is the final authority in all matters of faith and practice for the individual Christian as well as the church body. It was divinely revealed, inspired, and preserved. We believe that the King James Version is the best translated version in the English for all English-speaking people, and to be used for all private and public devotion.

God the Father
There is only one, true and living God, and He is a triune God. One God that expresses himself in three persons: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. He is eternal, having no beginning nor any end; eternally present. He is omniscient, omnipresent, and omnipotent. He is unique. He is holy. His essence is holiness, justice, goodness and love. He is the Creator of the whole universe. All exists because of Him and for Him.

God the Son
God the Son has always eternally existed. According to the will of the Father came to earth manifesting himself in flesh, as a man, through the Virgin Birth and named Jesus Christ. He is the only the Savior and Redeemer for mankind. He is one with the Father and Spirit; 100% God, but at the same time 100% man; and without sin or a sin nature. He died physically bearing man’s sin and rose bodily from the grave being the firstborn from the dead. He is coming again to rule and reign on the earth for a thousand years.  

God the Holy Spirit
The Holy Spirit is the third person of the Trinity, but of no lesser position, power, or essence. He was involved in creation. His work is among men, enlightening them with truth, bringing conviction to the lost, and empowering God’s children to do the Father’s will. Speaking in unknown tongues is not evidence of the fullness of the Spirit in the believer.

God created man for His glory and pleasure. Man was given a free-will. He exercised that will to disobey God in the garden of Eden and has continued to do so throughout the ages of human history, making all men and women sinners by nature and of their own will. He was made in the image of God, but he marred that image in his disobedience. One day, only as a redeemed person, he will bear again that perfect image of the Most Holy. Left in his natural state, man will find his eternal destiny to be a literal hell, with no escape, no relief, and no hope.

God in His foreknowledge and eternal purpose knew that man would disobey Him. Thus, man is not worthy of heaven or eternal life. He can only be made worthy by the salvation or redemption offered to him by God. No human effort, resources, or ingenuities could ever gain him eternal life. Salvation is offered solely through the redemptive work of Christ on the cross and His resurrection from the dead. His shed blood is essential to effecting man’s cleansing and regeneration. His death was vicarious and voluntary. Christ’s resurrection was bodily and visible to numerous witnesses. Man can receive this forgiveness by repentance and faith in Christ.  

Security of the Believer
One is saved by the power of God at which moment his salvation is placed into the hands of God. Thus, the believer is kept by the power of God and sealed by the Holy Spirit. Christ’s righteousness which is an eternal righteousness is imputed to the believer and can never be removed. Therefore, the believer’s salvation is NOT dependent upon his own efforts to maintain salvation. If his own efforts cannot save him, nor can his own efforts keep him.

The church is God’s work in this world. It is to be local, New Testament based, and Baptist. The church is a body of baptized believers who are joined together to honor God and carry out His work in this world. The church is visible, autonomous in its government, and has one head, which is Jesus Christ. The church has two ordinances establish by Christ: baptism and the Lord’s supper. Baptism is by submersion in water and commanded for all who place their faith and trust in Christ as Savior. The Lord’s supper is to be practiced with a frequency determined by the local church and participated in by those believers who are baptized members and in a right relationship with their Lord.

The church, though in this world, is to be separated from the world, but not isolated from the world. Separation should be exercised in two forms: ecclesiastical and personal. Ecclesiastical separation refers to the body of believers of the local church doing what is necessary to maintain a holiness of practice and ministry that does not identify itself with the world nor incorporates worldly methods or people in carrying out its mission. This will mean that a church may need to operate independently of other churches that do not maintain a norm of holiness. Personal separation refers to an individual believer doing what is necessary to maintain a holiness of his person and work that reflects the image of God in private and in public. This will mean that he will refrain from participation in worldly activities or companionship with those that will hinder his walk with God or put in jeopardy that holiness. 

On the basis of Scripture and the doctrine of separation, the church should not be involved in any movements or cooperations with other “churches” or denominations that have doctrine or practices contrary to Scripture just to achieve a goal of oneness or unity. Our oneness and fellowship should be with independent Baptist churches of like faith (doctrine) and practice.

Human Sexuality
In the beginning God made mankind, male and female. Therefore, sexuality should be graciously exercised within the divine boundaries of marriage, and strictly between a male and a female. There is no allowance for homosexuality, lesbianism, bestiality, fornication, adultery, incest or any other sexual perversion.

End Times
Christ gave promise to His disciples that He would return again. His return will take place in two phases: the Rapture, the snatching up of all believers of the church age, will occur at the end of the church age just before the Tribulation starts (thus, Pre-Tribulational); and the Second Coming, the return of Christ with His saints to the earth to judge the world and establish His earthly kingdom for a thousand years. During the tribulation, the church age saints will appear before Christ in the Judgment Seat to receive rewards for their obedience and labor. This is for rewards only. This judgment does not determine eternal destiny. The Great White Throne Judgment of Revelation 20 is where God executes the order for eternal damnation for all those that have rejected Him.

Heaven & Hell
Scripture clearly teaches that there are two eternal destinies: heaven & hell. Hell (or lake of fire) is the place for all those who have rejected Christ as their Savior. It is a literal place of fire, torment and suffering. There is no possible enjoyment nor experience of God’s presence or goodness there. Its residents have no possibility of relief or escape. Heaven is the place of eternal bliss for those who have trusted Jesus Christ as their Savior. Their hope is to enjoy Him forever.

Our Doctrinal Statement